The Revolution has Started!

The Revolution has Started!

It turns out that blogging is definitely something I need to learn the art of. It was pointed out to me recently that hadn’t I tried and failed to blog years ago, and that this blog seemed to be going the same way. Yes, that person would be absolutely right and its not that I am trying to prove you wrong but you have made me put ‘write another blog post’ to the top of my list of things to do, instead of constantly creeping to the bottom.

Today was a bit of a landmark occasion for me; the very first Revolution Strathearn bike ride took place. It has taken a while to get here, and that ‘here’ isn’t exactly formed or well established yet, but a great wee group of ladies signed up for ‘Revolution Belles’ and we had a fab 10 mile cycle with no hiccups. We had lots of chat and all enjoyed coffee and cake afterwards.

Revolution Belles:Belles 1

I finished work with Active Schools at the end of March. I thought it might feel weird but as it got closer I just felt so excited and practically ran out of the door on my last day. Prior to leaving I did go a bit manic. I think coming from where I have, through my random career with a lot of ambitious, hard working and high achieving women it has been a struggle just to say “I am giving up work”. I think I felt that I had to have a reason more than just wanting to be there for my kids, more of a purpose than just being a ‘mum’… But actually being Jasmine and Harris’ mum is the most important and most rewarding job I will ever have. So, once that little internal battle was sorted out in my head I did manage to slow down and just stop for a while. Admittedly, my first couple of weeks of not working I spent mostly riding my bike, running and baking. It was lush.

In the background the paperwork was sent off to Companies House and we heard back at the end of May that Revolution Strathearn was officially a Community Interest Company (Social Enterprise).

The logo has taken so much longer than I ever imagined. How many times can you actually go back to someone saying “well I like this bit but not that bit”,  and “could you do a bit of this and take that out’”? It turns out quite a few. Hopefully the next one will be ‘the one’.

I did start to ramp things up a bit towards the end of April and managed to squeeze the following into my life: Etape Loch Ness (24th female out of 946), weekend leaving do bagging Munros in Glencoe and ceilidhing in the Clachaig, epic hill running weekend in Glen Affric, Etape Caledonia (10th female out of 412), spend a week on Jura learning the ropes ready for taking over as race organiser (including racing), Level 2 Cycling Coach Course, Bronze Velotech bike maintenance course, guest speaker at a sports awards night,  secure funding to run two weeks worth of cycling sessions, and start the Revolution.

Bronze Velotech – who knew bike lubricants were so involved!IMG_6897

Comrie Road Bikers at Etape Caledonia….most of us anyway.IMG_2948

I love the fact the majority of people running the Isle of Jura Fell Race leave their cars on the mainland and ride their bikes + panniers/trailers + tents to Jura. IMG_6848

I am really hoping that the next two weeks will introduce lots of local cyclists to each other and from this we will be able to continue these groups.

I have also been training for a Tranter’s Round  attempt ( towards the end of the month….another of my turning 40 this year personal challenges. More about that in my next post!

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