Get Outside!

Being in the outdoors doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve you travelling for miles to get there, or take all day. It is right outside your door. If you live in a city there will be undiscovered green spaces to treat your senses, new routes through quiet areas that you didn’t know existed, and times when even the busiest areas are almost abandoned.

How far do you need to walk, run or cycle to leave the city limits? Challenge yourself to get there by finding interesting paths or quiet roads. Where is your closest river or hill, can you get there? Have fun discovering your local area; whether you walk, run, cycle or hop, plan a journey, short or long, that starts and finishes from your door.  If time is short you can work outdoor-time into your daily routine.  A brisk walk through city streets and parks before or after a hard day at work can be as good for your mental wellbeing as a full day up a mountain

I am lucky; we chose to live in a small village in Scotland. Its beautiful glens, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, trails and wildlife are the reason I live here. I can step out of my back door, not even cross a road and be walking up the glen in five minutes. I can run up our local Munro from the house and be back home within 3 hours. I have been running, cycling and walking from my house for years and am still exploring the local area, in fact I ran on new trails with two friends just this week. The possibilities are endless, as they are for you. Just step out of your back door with an inquisitive mind and an adventurous spirit and you’ll be surprised what you may find.

I love leading friends on walks and runs past this hidden waterfall, not far from my back door.

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