Are you just getting back into cycling and would like to refresh your skills? Or are you new to cycling and keen to learn bike handling skills and techniques. Do you want to learn how to ride in a group and gain confidence on the road.

Whatever your level please get in touch and I can tailor a session or group of sessions to meet your cycling goals.

I am a British Cycling Level 2 Coach and Cycling Scotland Essential Cycling Skills Instructor.


I am an advocate of minimalist running. Over 8 years ago I threw my trainers in the bin and bought a new ‘minimalist’ pair. I spent a month working on my technique, changing from heel striking to mid-foot striking and I have never looked back. I run off-road on paths and trails, often up hills and over mountains, and I avoid tarmac like the plague.

Does this type of running appeal to you?

Would you like to improve your off-road running technique and form? Learn how to run uphill more effectively and just let yourself go downhill and over rough terrain? Send me a message and let’s discuss what I can do for you.

Full Day £160 | Half Day £80 | £35/hr

Individuals or Max Group size of 8.